What is American Me Clothing Company?

American Me Clothing Company is a small Pittsburgh based brand run by Clark Johnson and Steve McMannis. Our goal is to truly create unique street wear you will be unable to find anywhere else. All products are hand-printed locally in small runs with an extra attention to detail and to quality of materials. Have an idea for a design? Owner of a small brand too? Lets talk collaborations and sharing. We are always looking to expand creatively and welcome any new ideas that will make American Me Clothing Company better.

American Me Clothing Company FAQ:

  1. I ordered the wrong size. Can I exchange my shirt for a different size?
  2. We usually print on American Apparel blanks (will be specified in the description) and if you're unsure of your size, I highly recommend visiting your local AA store (they are everywhere ;). Otherwise, we will gladly accept an exchange for a different size (you will be responsible for return shipping).
  3. This shirt looks messed up, I want a refund.
  4. All products are hand-printed (slight variations are expected) and we will never send you a misprinted product. Mistakes do happen, but please consider our process when inquiring about a refund.
  5. Do you ship internationally?
  6. Yes. So far, we have shipped orders to Australia, Germany, and France and are constantly looking to expand. If you do not see your country as a shipping destination, please feel free to contact me so I can set you up.
  7. I have some ideas I think you'll like. Can I submit them to you?
  8. Will I get paid? We gladly welcome all inquiries. AMME is still a small operation and even though you may have an awesome idea, we can't promise you we will use it. But, we are always looking to expand creatively so please send away! If it's something we think could work, I will definitely make sure you get compensated and acknowledged. We will never repurpose or copy an idea you send me without your approval.
  9. Do you offer sponsorship for artists or athletes?
  10. We provide sponsorship to those interested in representing American Me Clothing Co. in a professional and positive manner. If you are an artist, athlete, or brand of any sort and are interested in sponsorship, please send us a press kit with all relevant contact information.
  11. Do you have a street team?
  12. The Street Team will launch later this year, and will have set promotional requirements. Please stay updated via the twitter or tumblr for more information regarding the team.

American Me Clothing Company

308 Meyran Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15213 info@americanmeclothing.com.